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    ZEBRA Wetnie Ballpoint Pen 0.7 mm

    ZEBRA Wetnie Ballpoint Pen 0.7 mm

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    You can write on water-soaked paper or with the pen tip facing upwards. By adopting a mechanism that extrudes ink by pressurizing the air inside the ballpoint pen, it is a ballpoint pen that can write on water-soaked paper, which was difficult to write with conventional ballpoint pens, and can write upwards on the paper surface of a board installed on the wall. When knocking, compressed air is sent to the ink inside the core, and the compressed air pushes out the ink, making it possible to write. Since the force to push out the ink is stronger than that of the conventional non-pressure type, it is possible to prevent the ingress of water and air from the pen tip, and it is possible to write on a wet surface and facing upwards. When the knock is released, the pressure is also released. Rugged, unbreakable metal body The body is made of stainless steel and has sturdy specifications that comply with mil specifications, so it can withstand hard use environments. Mil-spec is a generic expression of standards commonly used to procure various supplies required by the U.S. military. The Wetney has cleared the drop test in accordance with Milspec's MIL-STD 810G-516.6 (new 516.7). This criterion indicates that the object is dropped from a height of about 1.22 m toward the floor of Lawan plywood from an angle of 26 directions and works normally. Mil-spec is a measure of durability, so it does not guarantee complete safety.



    • Ball diameter 0.7mm
    • Replacement core K-0.7
    • Core: Black only
    • Size: Maximum diameter 14.7× overall length 138.5mm
    • Weight 16.8g




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