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    Zebra Sarasa Nano Gel Pen Set 0.3 mm

    Zebra Sarasa Nano Gel Pen Set 0.3 mm

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    Zebra's SARASA Clip gel pens have been a favorite in the stationery world among students, office workers and many who regularly use stationery. The SARASA Nano is a continuation of the SARASA series, with improvements made to several aspects of the pen. Available in 0.3mm tip, the SARASA Nano is an ultra fine gel pen which does not compromise on smoothness due to their new "Urufuwa Cushion" technology. The "cushion" you feel while writing on the extra fine 0.3 tip is from a spring that has been built into the pen's core, allowing the metal tip of the pen to subtly move and bounce with you as you write. This cushioning results in an extremely smooth writing experience, which solves the scratchiness problem that often comes hand in hand with a very fine pen. The SARASA Nano comes with a matted pen body, dual-colored knock and strong spring-loaded pen clip.

    • Release date: November 5, 2021
    • 0.3mm
    • Water-based pigment ink
    • Water resistant 
    • "Urufuwa" cushion contributes to smooth feeling when writing 
    • Spring-loaded clip 
    • Compatible with SARASA Clip refills
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