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    Pilot Frixion Ballknock Design Series Erasable Ink Gel Pen 0.4 mm

    Pilot Frixion Ballknock Design Series Erasable Ink Gel Pen 0.4 mm

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    This pen pairs the same beloved thermosensitive ink found in other FriXion pens with a sleek, retractable pen body. Just push the clip to extend and retract the tip. The special rubber eraser at the top of the pen allows you to erase conveniently without pressing the retraction mechanism. The pen writes smoothly and erases without a trace!

    The FriXion Point Knock also features Pilot's unique Synergy tip, which combines the precision of a needle point with the durability of a conical point.

    FriXion pens use a special thermosensitive ink that turns invisible when rubbed with the built-in friction "eraser." The ink disappears cleanly without using up the eraser or creating any dust or smearing. The ink will also disappear if exposed to other sources of heat or friction, so we advise against using these pens to address envelopes or leaving anything written with them in a hot car. Like magic ink, erased FriXion ink reappears if placed in a freezer or otherwise exposed to temperatures below 14° F (-10° C).


    Manufacturer Pilot
    Body Color SEE PHOTOS
    Body Material Plastic
    Capped or Retractable Retractable - Slide Button
    Clip Material Metal
    Clippable Yes
    Diameter - Grip 9.9 mm
    Diameter - Max 10.4 mm
    Grip Color Black
    Grip Material Rubber
    Ink Characteristics Erasable
    Ink Composition i Water-Based
    Ink Refillable Yes
    Length - Retracted 14.2 cm / 5.6 inches
    Pre-Installed Ink Color Black
    Tip Material Metal
    Tip Size 0.4 mm
    Tip Type Conical (Synergy), Needle Point (Synergy)
    Weight - Whole Pen (with Ink) 0.42 oz / 12 grams



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