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    OHTO Pen Anti-Bacterial Ceramic Art Knife

    OHTO Pen Anti-Bacterial Ceramic Art Knife

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    The wear resistance is about 5 times that of the force. The ceramic blade does not rust even when it gets wet. It is convenient to have it in the kitchen or dining table. The body with antibacterial material and shaft printing are antibacterial, so you can use it safely and cleanly. "Antibacterial" is not the effect of directly throwing or removing bacteria, but the suppression or inhibition of the increase in the number of bacteria. We do not guarantee the effect against specific viruses or fungi.


    • Safe for children
    • A safe design that allows children to work freely with minimal exposure of the blade.
    • Minimize blade shake and possible injuries without replacing the blade. *

    • Easy-to-use pen type ◇ Convenient to carry and lightweight Easy to hold, best suited for curved cutting and design work such as cutting out newspapers and magazines. It is also useful for opening anti-cylinders and plastic bags and cutting wraps.

    * Due to the nature of the blade, it is suitable for regular use and has various uses.
    * Be sure to use under the supervision of a guardian / supervisor when using children.
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