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    Kutsuwa HiLINE Punyu Grip

    Kutsuwa HiLINE Punyu Grip

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    Punyu Grips are designed to reduce hand fatigue during prolonged use of pens/pencils.

    Rubber grip is shaped to position fingers in a comfortable hold.

    The soft rubber prevents your fingers from slipping, therefore, less pressure is needed to grasp the pencil, reducing finger stress.

    Great for professional writers/artists as well as students.

    This rubber grip can also be used for correcting the finger positioning of young children who have difficulty finding the correct grip.


    • (monotone) round type: φ14×H38mm, 3g 
    • (Candy) Round Type: φ14×H38mm, 3g
    • Material: Elastomer
    • Fits any pens/pencils with diameter of 8 mm
    • Sold as SET
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